Every activity of Path of Exile requires players to create new characters

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In the POE Heist League that ended just half a month ago, many players had a significant experience. They did not wait for the release of the new extension as scheduled. Because the release time of Cyberpunk 2077 developed by CD Projekt RED is too close to the release time of POE 3.13 expansion that the POE game team originally planned to release, after they studied similar historical cases, GGG decided to let Cyberpunk 2077 release first. Most of the POE players put their focus and POE Currency into the ongoing epic activities.

A few players missed their exciting time in the Heist League. When GGG released the Heist League in mid-September, Mac users can also download Path of Exile for free to enter the game and compete with many players. Everyone needs to rebuild a new role in this expansion, which makes those players in the Harvest League feel anxious. They don’t want to lose the role they have spent three months developing. In fact, it does not matter because the system will transfer these characters to the standard league where the players are located after each expansion.

The system not only creates the roles of the players in each league, but also transfers the players’ map progress, as well as the equipment and props they have collected, to the standard league. Although players will retain microtransaction cosmetics and purchased items throughout the account, they will need to create a new character each time they enter a new event. In this way, the game team also maintains the balance of the game for the sake of fairness.

Take the currently ongoing POE Endless Delve as an example. After entering it, players have to recreate new characters and complete tasks on their own. Those players who have already Buy many POE Exalted Orb will undoubtedly have a greater chance of winning. Because they can’t team up with other friends to play games, their own potent strength and sufficient supplies are the most important factors to support them.